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Please enter your User Name (LAN ID) :


  1. This is a MDLZ proprietary network / computer, available only for the use of authorized employees and contractors. If you are not an authorized employee or contractor, exit immediately.
  2. By logging on to the MDLZ network, you state that you are an authorized user, and you have agreed to abide by MDLZ’s policies and procedures with regard to computer use, electronic communications, and Internet access.
  3. You agree that MDLZ may monitor your use of the system.
  4. All access to MDLZ proprietary information must be adequately safeguarded.

NOTE: Answers to your Challenge-response questions are NOT case sensitive.
If you have reached SSPR directly from your Windows logon screen on your PC, you might see the following iPass screen when you return to the Windows logon screen. If so, simply click “Switch User” then select your default KRFT logon.